Specializing in electronic chip timing services utilizing the Jaguar Chip Timing System for running events, bike races, and triathlons.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Electronic Chip Timing?

A: Participants in an event are issued a small electronic chip which is normally attached to their bib number. This transmits a wireless signal as they cross timing points or the finish line, thereby electronically recording their time.


Q: How does your system differ from traditional chip timing companies?

A: We use the Jaguar Chip Timing System. This system uses a wireless signal from overhead antennas which means no mats on the course. The chip is disposable so you don’t have to have anyone at the finish line removing and gathering chips. Real time results are constantly fed to large screen video monitors for participants to review their personal results and standings. 


Q: Is the Jaguar Chip Timing System safe?

A: Yes, the signal strength is very weak and harmless. The same technology is actually used in some hospitals to track patients. Some people consider our system even safer than traditional timers due to the fact there are no cumbersome mats on the course.


Q: Do I need to turn in my chip after a race?

A: In most cases no, however, some races such as larger triathlons will require a reusable chip.


Q: I have my own chip, can I use it?

A: No, each chip is preprogrammed and matched to our precision equipment. Other chips will not register on our equipment.


Q: Is electronic chip timing reliable

A: While no timing system is considered 100% reliable all of the time, the Jaguar Chip Timing System has several redundancy features built in. We are proud to say that so far our clients have experienced 100% accuracy in our reads. 


Q: This is my first time putting on a race, where do I start?

A: We offer complete race director services and can be as involved as you want. Look over our race checklist to get an idea of what’s involved.


Q: My charity wants to raise money, is a sporting event a viable option?

A: More and more charities are turning to sporting events as an alternative to raising funds. It is one of the fastest growing aspects of our business. Some charities raise significant amounts of money while others may just break even. Look over our race checklist for more information on what may be involved and how to maximize your return.


Q: How soon will results be available after the completion of the race?

A: Our precision software compiles results in real time as participants complete the event. Those results are immediately available on video monitors for participants to review. In addition we can provide the race director with written results which include overall as well as age group divisions at any time. Awards categories are available literally as soon as the last participant crosses the finish line.